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The Dark Knight Rises: Film Review

Since seeing it I have seen numerous reviews for this final chapter in Nolan’s Batman trilogy and I have been really surprised, astounded in fact at how poorly people have rated it, people giving it 6/10 or grading it a C. Are you kidding me?! Maybe it didn’t live up to your ridiculously high expectations, but as far as I am concerned it was awesome. The Dark Knight was a film where The Joker very much took the limelight, and rightly so, however in the final edition of the brilliant series, this is Batman’s film, and more particularly, one highlighting his relationships with each member of the support cast. Nolan has once again used a cracking support cast, many of which are stalwarts of the trilogy, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, all of which are as brilliant as their reputations would allow you to expect. There are also many new faces as well, much of which seems to be an Inception reunion, Tom Hardy as Bane, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate and Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake, all having been in Nolan’s previous blockbuster, joining other Inception cast members, Caine and Cillian Murphy, but those are not the only new, important cast members, as one of the most striking, and surprisingly good, characters was Selina Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway.

As the film starts, Nolan’s intentions to tie all three films together are clear, opening with Commissioner Gordon giving a speech about the impact of Harvey Dent on Gotham, reminding us of the reasoning behind Batman’s hibernation from law enforcement for 8 years. It soon, however moves from this to summer blockbuster ground, with a visually dazzling and spectacularly performed opening action sequence which really brings Bane to the forefront, and shows how powerful and ferocious he is, which as the film progresses shows him to be a quite astounding villain. He is imposing and more than frightening due to the mask and husky, yet booming voice, and Tom Hardy is clearly brilliant in the role, Christopher Nolan taking advantage of his physical presence in numerous scenes, particularly a showdown midway through the film. By this point the large supporting cast has already become established and Bane’s violent agenda becomes integral and consuming towards everything else in the film. The twists and turns are exactly as you would hope for, not overcomplicated but not too simple, the film does have too much action or is dialogue heavy, and it doesn’t just rely on good direction or good performances, but thrives on a perfect balance within all of these aspects so that the audience is encapsulated, making it hard for me to analyse it, because I enjoyed it too much to stop and think. The film was pacey and spectacular, making it easy to forget the vast duration of the film.

I thought, as is pretty obvious by now, that it was superb, each element was done as well as can be expected of a big blockbuster, but it was still as dark and gritty as we have come to expect from Nolan. Unfortunately people will always compare it to the film prior to it, but I think they are similar, yet still hard to compare; The Dark Knight was a film dedicated to the Joker whereas this was one far more based around Bruce Wayne, and also Alfred, but if I was forced to compare I would say they were just as good as one another. They are both stylistically the same, the performances of the entire cast are both brilliant, and the villains are, in my view, just as good as each other, The Joker is fantastic as a darkly comic, psychologically scary villain, whereas Bane is a fierce, violent brute and is equally frightening in that perspective. Verdict- 9/10

Also, many prayers go out to the families and victims of the horrific shooting which will forever be associated with the movie.