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Monthly Archives: November 2011

5 great new songs

Its time for one of these again. Hope you actually find something you like. I’m slightly reducing my number of posts for the meantime as I am far too busy with school work and university application. Hopefully you’re not quite as stressed out as me, maybe this music will relax you, but probably not. Cheers 🙂

Tribes- When My Day Comes A rather riveting, dramatic tune from an up-and-coming Camden band, whose other stuff is slightly wannabe-Nirvana, yet this has a similar sort of tune without the harshness. Easy to listen to and easy to enjoy.

The Horrors- I Can See Through You This my favourite song of The Horrors amazing third album, if not quite up to the heights of Primary Colours, but this track is certainly brilliant. Fast drums, euphoric synth and slurring vocals mixed to perfection.

DZ Deathrays- Gebbie St Every bone in my body tells me I shouldn’t like this, but, its great, because it so unrefined, with edgy guitars and semi-shouting, it leaves me in a state of puzzled amazement.

The Black Keys- Lonely Boy This is the first track of their eagerly awaited El Camino album and it doesn’t disappoint. The riff growls and the man in the video looks a bit like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which must be good thing.

Cage The Elephant- Aberdeen Fun intellectual rock which is sublimely weird but with a mess of noise and melody.

All these songs are brilliant. I hope you agree slightly with this statement. Regards 🙂